It’s day 6 of being good…!


It’s going well… I am not too hungry and the weight is going down (it’s just not back @ its lowest it’s been on the blog yet so no updating I’m afraid!

The Sneak last night was My week with Marilyn…which I hadn’t predicted and I didn’t like it so much, I liked the idea and story and the main part – the boy, he was good but Marilyn wasn’t so good and Kenneth Branagh isn’t handsome enough to pull of Olivier!  I expect the book it much better and I will still read it!

I didn’t get up too late but somehow didn’t get out of the house until late and along the walk saw 2 ducks again on the Eisbach.. if you look in the distance you can see it is right by a very busy road (a ring road – 3 lanes)…:

I went through the Hofgarten and into the English Garden but only for a short way and back out again, along the way the sun was shining, although it was cold:

for a 45 mins walk!  Back @ home I decided to have just a little breakfast as it was so late and we’d be having lunch in 1 1/2 hours, so had a banana:

My daughter and I had some shopping to do before lunch so we went into town and near the lunch date we saw these:

A very POSH bunny and a Bunny taking revenge on the hunters (with a gun!)!

For lunch I had a baked potato and sour cream (but I put about 3/4 of the sour cream away and didn’t eat it) with salad and bits of beef:

and no cola zero today, I just stuck to water, only problem being we had to order extra as I drank so much!

Then we had a cinema date with my daughters friend and sent to see “Sams im Glück” based on a German children’s book about a mystical being with red hair and a pigs nose, otherwise human like who has spots which are wishes and this is the second in the series of books and also films, but they don’t seem to be translated into English can’t find any of Paul Maar’s books on Amazon…!  So my translation is Happy Sams (Sams are the beings and short for something to do with Saturday’s)!

After the cinema I wanted to make a vegetable soup but had no swede or turnip, so Daisy and I went back into town leaving my daughter playing stuff with her friend and we went to the organic supermarket and bought parsnip and swede, the walk there taking about an hour.  Then made the soup with a bit of chicken I had left over and I ate it beans and grated cheese (so swede, turnip, onions, carrots, leek, black-eyed peas, broad beans and two other kinds of beans which I have forgotten what they were called and although I had kept the paper from the tin I can’t find it now but when I do I will tell you the  other beans!):

After dinner I had 2 small bits of chocolate and although the picture IS VERY BAD AND VERY DARK, maybe you can see one piece of chocolate on my hand and one between my fingers to show how thin they are!  But I think it’s such a bad photo (no idea what happened!) that you might not be able to see:

Then my dog walking friend from the morning rang up and we met for a walk for another hour, so all in all, a lot of walking, not much eating and things are going good!  I’m happy to say I haven’t had 6 good days in a row for


so that’s great and I hope to keep going with the vein operation and losing weight for the anaesthetic @ the back of my mind!  So TTFN!


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