A cold spell… again!


It’s got suddenly really cold again… I had already stopped wearing tights but… now have to get them out again it’s so cold!  Nevertheless walk for an hour this morning:


I took pictures here of the blossoms but also as a comparison so you can see how it will be in a few weeks when it’s all overgrown!

After the walk I had yoghurt, blue berries and strawberries, soya flakes and wheat germ:

(not such a good photo, sorry!).

@ work a bit busy and left late, then on bike and shopping in town and back @ home I had some homemade Chicken Tikka  (when I say homemade I mean I bought some Patak’s sauce and chicken @ the market and made it myself!) and then I grated cucumber and mixed it into some yoghurt and ate it all with a salad, somehow the tikka wasn’t as good as in the Indian restaurant around the corner though:

After lunch Daisy and I went for a walk for 45 mins:

When I got back I was feeling a bit peckish and ate half a banana and a handful of grapes

My daughter came home from Hort on her own, early as was last day of school before the Easter holidays and so she was ‘allowed’ home early.  She chillaxed whilst I did some more of our company work @ home and then I went for a 35 mins walk in the Hofgarten and met these ducks… see them sitting on the edge, there were some more further up as if they were waiting for something (have no idea what!):

After the walk I had the other half of the banana.  Then I made dinner and I had a beef salad with salad, peppers, spring onions, soya sprouts and peanuts:

(not a good photo… for some reason was too dark – sorry!).

Then one last dog walk along the Maximillianstrasse and through the Hofgarten for 30 mins.

So today walking and walking and hardly any carbohydrates which is good!  And another good thing is that today it’s the

5th day

of a diet in a row, which I haven’t managed for a while, I’ve usually given up or got bored or got hungry by the start of day 4, so am doing ok for the moment…. obviously no big feat but every day extra is a further ‘good’ day!

After writing this I am leaving early for my Sneak Cinema visit on the bike and taking the opportunity to go for a bike ride – the long way around to the cinema for about 45 mins or so.  Then Sneak (which I will report on tomorrow, but just for the record my tip for the night is: Mirror Mirror or Chronicle… let’s see if I am right!  Like I said I will report tomorrow if I am right!) and then bed time!  Seems like a long day probably because I have been so good and done some good walking!  So TTFN!


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