Lovely day but coooold…!


It looked like a wonderfully warm day, but by the end of the day, although sun was shining it was COOOOLD!

Nevertheless 1 hour walk in the morning in the English Garden:

in the last picture on the right there is actually a DUCK on a branch of the tree but it’s not very easy to see!  So just look at the lovely sky!

Breakfast @ home (no stress like yesterday!) was yoghurt, soya flakes, wheatgerm, a bit of kiwi, blackberries and 2 strawberries:

After shopping @ the English Food shop – although I am off to the UK next week (!), I bought some small tins of baked beans:

a small tin, if I get the big tin I end up eating what’s left over although I don’t really want it!

As the shop is near the Isar I decided to go for a bike ride to the Zoo!  Here some scenes along the way.

I haven’t been on this bike ride for AGES and I thought it would be easy peasy just like always.  It was ok and I managed it fine but it wasn’t that easy peasy after all, I found myself riding a bit slower and in a lower gear and sort of dawdling along on some parts and it did indeed take longer 45 mins instead of the record last year of about 35 mins…!

Back @ home I made my fried egg and baked beans, I added mushrooms into the pan before the egg and as I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it very well when it had been fried, I took a picture of the mushrooms before I added the egg!?!:




with the fried egg and baked beans…. However I didn’t manage totally and ended up eating a cream cracker (newly purchased from the English food shop for my daughter and I!) with butter, but just


Daisy and I went for a walk after lunch along the Isar where it had warmed up a bit so we took the long way along the Isar and it took about 1 hour 30 mins:

the weather doesn’t actually look that nice in the photos but it was a sunny warm day!

When I got home it was already time to pick up my daughter as she wanted to be picked up early again and when we got back I had a snack of a banana and some grapes:

Walk with Daisy was just a quick one to the market so she could check if any sausages had fallen down @ the sausage hot dog stand…!  Alas, there were none.

My daughter had one of these that I had bought @ the English shop and wanted to share as they are quite sweet, they are Malteser bunnies which you can see on the side – the chocolate bunny (!) and if you check out the package they are actually called MaltEaster (mini bunnies) on the packet… so sweet… I mean the packet not the chocolate:

Then it was dinner time and I had 2 small jacket potatoes and a little cheddar cheese, beetroot and half a portion of cottage cheese as well as a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, soya sprouts:

As hubby was home had work to do in the evening too…!  Then a quick walk with Daisy as wanted to watch tv (!?), then to finish this and later off to read in bed!  So far the book Escape the diet trap is very scientific-y which is good too as one is learning about the body and how it works on fat and energy etc but a bit boring, but seems interesting!  Looking forward to getting to the bit about how you do an Escape the diet trap DIET!  TTFN!


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