A fine day…!


It was better than a fine day, but was stuck for a title…!

And actually the day started of pretty badly… hubby called me at 7:45 am and said I need to help him sort a lorry out… which meant pay a bill…!  This meant no walk with Daisy and having to go to a Lorry garage to pay a bill so that the driver could get the lorry!  So just a quick 10 mins walk around the block, then the bank and then into rush hour traffic (lovely… NOT!) to pay the lorry bill!

This also meant I was late for my other work (i.e. not our own company work!) and as was stressed I bought a spicy salami and thin slices of parmesan flute for breakfast:

I was half an hour late for work but I had warned ‘the Boss’, then after work I had to sort something else before lunch, and then lunch…. was also not so good… I suppose I was unable to resist after my stressful morning (!) – excuses, excuses eh!  I had a Glass noodle salad with minced chicken:

which was very spicy… but it was nice that it was toooo spicy!  After the ‘bad’ lunch I decided to go for a

long walk to burn off the calories!:

well for 1 hour 20 mins along the Isar… here you can see the blue sky and the nice weather:

and the trees blossoming, well the one on the right nothing and the one on the left with yellow flowers, the right hand picture showing the yellow blossoms up close!:

After the walk and before picking up my daughter for piano I had a banana!

I must say bananas are really hard to photograph without looking like something else (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) in the end I put it on the sofa to take the photo!

Little walk with Daisy to do some last minute shopping and then I made this:

its asparagus (steamed) with a small jacket potato with a little cheddar cheese grated onto the potato and asparagus, beetroot and a salad with salad, tomatoes, cucumber and soya sprouts, it was very good!

and pretty HEALTHY!

Last walk of the day with Daisy after hubby got home, took about half an hour!

Now I am going back to reading my Escape the diet trap book before going to sleep!  Still not ready to report about it yet though, so bear with me!  TTFN!


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