A good day… weather and food-wise!


Today was a lovely day… although a little cold, the skies were blue and the sun was shining and definitely much


than snow!

Here the sun coming up in the English Garden where I was for my morning walk with a my dog walking friend and her dog who is more or less back to his old self, well after his virus on the brain he is learning to be a dog again!  Just over an hour:

Back @ home I had a yoghurt, soya flakes, wheat germ and strawberry breakfast:

No work today but had work @ home to do and then went into town for some shopping and then back @ home I made myself some roast red peppers and courgette with avocado and haloumi cheese and a green salad with tomatoes and peppers:

Then Daisy and I went for a 50 mins walk along the Isar


where it was sunny!  Then I picked up my daughter and had small snack, half a bread roll, butter and honey:

A quick walk with Daisy but only for 15 mins!  Then I made dinner which was quite a lot tonight (well more than I usually have but on a small plate!) and it took a long time!  It was very thinly sliced beetroot, then courgette and potato grated and mixed with a few breadcrumbs and a bit of egg and fried, and on top of that salmon together with a salad with tomatoes and peppers, here the development of the meal:

first the beetroot, then the courgette/potato fried up things, then the salmon and then the final ‘deal’!

It was really very good!

I then went for a walk with Daisy for 30 mins but it took a bit longer as I met a mother from my daughters class and we chatted about…

sports and diets…! 

And it was as the sun went down, hence the lovely photo:

Oh I did have some chocolate… see my previous post about chocolate… I couldn’t resist, I also felt it was ok after reading the article.. wink, wink!

I forgot to take a photo but I ate 3 pieces of a 70% cocoa chocolate (although it did have strawberries in it as couldn’t find a just high percentage cocoa chocolate i.e. one with just chocolate!).   So all in all a good day, I am trying to keep the idea of my operation in April for my veins in my head (not having an operation on the veins in my head… I mean I have the operation in my thoughts!) and wanting to lose some weight before the operation!  So to a another good day tomorrow, TTFN!


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