MIA (= Missing in Action)…!


It’s not quite true.. I have been missing from the blog but




i.e. I have not been doing a lot of action… like sports or anything!  I have been busy with work but not in a good way!

Having said that I did go for a bike ride last night in the ‘daylight’ hours (YES, YES, YES, @ last light again in the evening and not the dark, dark, dark NIGHT @ 5pm!) to the 2nd bridge of my bridges tour, as I was not sure how I would manage it having not been for a few months and also I wasn’t sure how long it would be light.  As it turned out I managed it in normal time – 45 mins – but I was pretty tired and I had a

beetroot red

face when I got back… but am very glad I did and I have to keep it up!

I’m afraid there is not so much to report in the last couple of weeks – I’ve been busy with hubby’s work and stuff @ my daughter’s school and just bits and bobs!  And food has been so so, some days good some days not so good and I’m only reporting in now and cannot promise when the next post will be!

Today was a lovely day, like my last post the temperatures have been around 20°C, although today was only 17°C but that is still very nice and no tights or jackets needed so that’s definitely a step in the right direction!  Walk this morning was lovely for an hour:


as you can see pretty sunny!

Breakfast was a yoghurt, strawberries and soya flakes, forgot photo!  Busy @ work and lunch was some chicken and noodles (not very healthy and not very losing it in Munich, but I am only just starting again!):

but I did ask for a smaller portion and then the lady who puts the not noodle part in wanted to put more noodles in and I had to stop her and tell her I had said stop to the noodle spoon!

Then Daisy and  I went for a short walk only 30 mins on way to picking up my daughter who wanted to be picked up early!  She actually went out to play and I worked @ home and then went out for another 30 mins walk in the Hofgarten,

Then I made pasta for dinner for my family and I had a salad with parmesan slices (sliced very thinly on my cheese cutter!), tomatoes, avocado and half a dessert spoon of olive oil and the same of balsamic vinegar, I actually wanted a joghurty-type-caesar dressing on it but as I was measuring the oil and vinegar directly onto the salad I realised too late that I had wanted the caesar-type dressing (!):

Daisy and I went out for another 30 mins walk after this and although I had more work to do I have managed to write this quick post before I want to read my new book:

I haven’t got to the theory part of why you have to escape the diet trap yet but it’s still pretty good so far!  Also I am a bit tired after the clocks changing on Saturday night, I am not quite used to the 1 hour later although I am liking it from the point of view that it is light in the evening (as mentioned above!), hope to post on the blog a bit more this week or @ least not with such a LOOONG gap as the last one, SORRY!  TTFN!


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