20°C… and it’s only the middle of March…!


It’s been a wonderfully warm and nice day.  It started with my walk with Daisy for 50 mins:

See the wonderfully blue sky and the lovely clouds!

After the walk into work and breakfast:

I had no jogurt left so I had a goat cheese flute instead and it was LOVELY! ha

After work I had to get things ready for the fleamarket!  I sell @ this children’s fleamarket twice a year and some years don’t go so well but this year went pretty well and I sold quite a lot but it’s HARD WORK, carrying all the stuff there in 3 huge Ikea bags and then you stand there for a few hours and hopefully sell things (which I did) and then you carry 1,5 huge Ikea bags back home!

After I had set up I met my friend and we made a Thai curry together:


it was really good, we used to do it quite a lot together i.e. cook Thai curries but my friend has started working and it’s quite hard to get together now, but thank you!  And for desert and small Toffifee!

Then back to the fleamarket where I sold about half of the stuff and the stuff which no-one wanted I put downstairs to be donated to kids and the nice stuff which didn’t sell I more or less immediately photographed and will put on ebay @ the weekend to sell!

It was late by this time, nearly 6 pm so nearly dinner time, I had the rest of the thai curry:

and it was still very good!

It’s been an incredibly nice day, very wam, it was 20°C and like I said in my title it’s only the middle of March!

After dinner I went for a walk around town for 30 mins with Daisy and now I am going to chillax a bit until it’s time for the Sneak Preview!  TTFN!


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