Lovely warm day…!


I am afraid I was stuck for a title today, it was a good day, which of course means walking, walking and careful, careful with the food!

Walk for 50 mins in the morning:


as you can see very blue sky and a sea of flowers and the sun coming up, although I was a bit late so it was higher up than it usually is when I am @ this stage of the walk!

Back @ home breakfast:

the yoghurt, cashew nuts, soya flakes, half a banana and 5 strawberries!

Then it was time for Daisy’s hairdresser…!

Yes, you’ve read right…

we have a hairdresser who comes to our place and puts Daisy on the table and shaves her hair and later gets the scissors to clear it up, this is what she looked like before and after:


maybe not so easy to see but if you look closer her hair underneath is much lighter!  But it was very, very hard getting her to look @ me, she looked everywhere except @ me or rather than @ the camera!

I left Daisy with the hairdresser and went to the Thai supermarket and got some bits and bobs, including stuff to make a Pad Thai @ home, I really like it and usually buy it in a restaurant and decided to make it myself…!  It didn’t taste as good as in the restaurant but it wasn’t bad:

with chicken from the market (the Thursday market on our square around the corner!).

Then I went for a walk and arranged to meet my dog walking friend who has the ill dog and he is a bit better now and we ended up going for quite a long walk, about 1 hour 20 mins, in lovely weather:

another bed of flowers (wild flowers!).

The rest of the day was picking up my daughter and sorting dinner and also doing some work with hubby.  Then I made them spaghetti with veg and chicken for my family and I had a really nice soup I bought @ the wholefood supermarket – african lentil soup with dates and almonds, I must say it didn’t look tasty @ all, in fact a big yucky but it was very tasty, I had  salad with it and this time NO BREAD – not bad going for me:

Dinner was late today so only a little walk around the block for 10 mins with Daisy and then it was tv time… Thursday and Germany’s Next Top Model with Heidi Klum!  My daughter and I watch it… I know, I know it’s very commercial but it’s quite funny too!  So TTFN as I am off to watch the rest of GNTM – as we call it!  Lol, it’s not just us that call it that..!


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