Walking around…!


Today has been a good day, nothing special but


of walking…!

The day started walking in the Hofgarten and then home through the English Garden:

where it was a little grey although pretty mild!

Breakfast @ home was:

yoghurt, walnuts and cashew nuts, strawberries, soya flakes!  Then work @ home before going out on bike to do some shopping and send off some ebay stuff I had sold!

On way back from town I dropped off my bike to be sorted out as brakes were a bit funny and the suspension’s a bit squeaky!

Lunch @ home was a tomato, fresh basil and mozarella salad as well as a iceberg lettuce salad both with 1/2 a desertspoon each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on each of the salads and a small piece of brown bread (with NO butter!):

Then Daisy and I went along the Isar in the direction of the Deutsches Museum (German Museum!) where I saw this exhibit of a ship outside the museum:

very hard to see it’s in the middle between the trees and inbetween the reeds of the Isar!  (To see it properly double click on the picture maybe you can see it better then!)

When I got back after an hour, I did some more work and after picking my daughter up I had a little snack:

an apple and the other half of the bread roll (from lunch) with butter, marmite and cheddar cheese!

I helped my daughter to learn for her test on Thursday, went shopping and made dinner, I had a soup (French carrot soup, it looks pretty yucky but tasted really good) with a small piece of brown bread and salad with tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, carrot and iceberg salad:

As hubby still away I just went around the corner to drop off something in the postbox of our accounts so no real walk but I had had the 2 walks today which although no longer than usual seemed a long ‘walking around’!  TTFN!


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