Another try @ it…


I have not been updating my blog lately as have

a) been really busy and

b) have not been losing it in munich so had nothing to report!

But I’ve decided enough is enough and am having


another go @ it all!

Hubby has gone away for a long weekend, left on Friday and is coming back tomorrow night so have had to keep my daughter busy (as usual actually @ the weekend!).


we went to Olympia swimming and I went in too, as opposed to last weekend when I watched from the sidelines as was too lazy.  I was lazy as I read and finished my book I am reading!  But then I did go in and swam with the girls (my daughter and her friend!) and also did a few lengths which really tired me out…!  I used to swim there 10 years ago and did 20 lengths or more, but they are much longer lengths than where I go @ present (although it is closed @ the moment).  Where I go swimming the length is about 12 metres long and the Olympic pool is about 100 m… it didn’t  make me out of breath (thank goodness!) but my arms ached a little whilst actually swimming!

During a walk with my daughter through town, we saw these… they are little statues which are made for you and here are a few examples:


first all of them, then a close up of the Queen (!) and the Pope and in the middle King Ludwig and Sissy and then last picture Pippi Longstocking!

Those are a few impressions of the time where I haven’t blogged and here is my day today!

Walk in the morning has not been as long as an hour lately as the dog of my dog walking friend has been terribly ill, including going blind for a few days, he has a virus and although he’s ok again now they are not sure of the prognosis for the future.  This means we have been going for a slightly shorter walk, through the Hofgarten and then through a part of the English Garden and finishing up on the last leg of the usual walk but it means it only takes 45/50 mins instead of the hour!


this swan was a bit annoyed at Daisy and they had a bit of an argument, Daisy barking at the shore (!) and the swan hissing @ Daisy from the water and getting ready to lift out of the water, but I managed to get Daisy away in time before that happened!

Breakfast before work was a goat cheese flute (usually have this for lunch but fancied it for breakfast today) and it was delicious:

then I went to work and after work my mother (back from holiday) asked me to lunch:

Salmon and broccoli Quiche with a sour cream and cress dip and a salad… it was a nice combination!

Then Daisy and I went for a walk along the Isar and it was really nice weather, very mild and although not so sunny and I still had my winter jacket on it was very nice:


the ‘old’ dog walk, haven’t been on it for a while (nice!), the second picture, in the background a lovely ‘posh’ house and in the foreground (which is in fact hidden from the view of the house) graffiti – old and new in one view!  I then took a picture of the stone beach on the other side and the last picture is a view from that stone beach to the bridge where I took the photo!  Walk was for an hour and 20 mins!

@ home I had an orange:

Picked up my daughter and we learnt for a test and I ate another snack:

a small piece of bread, butter and honey, then whilst learning for the test I sorted dinner for my daughter and I had a soup and salad and another small piece of bread:

no long walk as hubby still away and then writing this and off to bed to read!  I hope to get back on track with my food and exercise this week and this includes writing my blog regularly again…. so TTFN!


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