Mondays eh… I tend to have a good Monday as I am


after the weekend and this time I had had the school holidays week too!

So off I went today on my dog walk in the English Garden and met with my dog walking friend and I came across these:


2 lovely swans and the first flowers of the year… sprouting up!

Then off to work taking my breakfast with me – plain yoghurt, a banana and some cashew nuts and raisins:

and it was good!

After work I had lunch @ an old favourite place, the Falafel place @ the Viktualien Markt:

but I couldn’t eat one of the falafels and about a 3rd of the pita bread so took it home with me!  Then I went for a walk, I had planned to go along the Isar as far as a bridge and cross it to go to the English Food Shop to get some marmite.  Unfortunately I took the wrong bridge, I walked on to the bridge too far and then walked into the centre instead of walking back along the other side of the Isar to the right bridge and turning in then and  the round trip therefore took me


… I had arranged to meet my morning dog walk friend along the way as she lives there but she was in town and we planned to meet after she finished shopping and she had to wait a bit for me!  Of course it was very good exercise BUT not my PLAN, here some pics along the way:

the first under a bridge, the second the man-made shore as well as the third and fourth pics and the last pic of a May pole in the Glockenbachviertel (the Glockenbachquarter)!

Back @ home I was a bit peckish.. no wonder after that marathon!  So I ate the falafel and the bit of pita bread left over from lunch!

Then I went to pick up my daughter who wanted to be picked up earlier what with it being the first day back after the holidays!  This I did on foot too!  When we got home we chillaxed a bit, then I decided I needed to take my bike to the bike shop to check out what was wrong with the front light!  Took Daisy too to have a walk back with her as I knew I would have to leave it there, which I did.

I had half a raisin and sunflower seed bread roll when I got back:

I got dinner ready a bit later and I ate a fried egg with mushroom and a few bits of ham but the egg sort of got a bit gooey as obviously didn’t have enough oil in the pan and soit was a bit of a disaster, I ate it with the other half of the sunflower seeds and raisin roll with butter and a salad with lambs lettuce, a tomato, cucumber, oil, vinegar and mustard dressing, a few slivers of parmesan and half an avocado:

I then quickly walked to pick up my bike (mended!) and when hubby got home later Daisy and I went out for a 45 mins walk, it took a bit longer as we dropped off some papers @ the accountants along the way!

And that’s it,

I was so good wasn’t I…

what with hardly any food and so much exercise, there better be a RESULT tomorrow…. well, we’ll see eh!  TTFN!


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