An update…!


Sorry I have been missing from the blog but like I said in my last post a) it’s holidays and am busy entertaining my daughter and b) not really sticking to any kind of discipline with food or to an exercise programme!  Plus I’ve sort of being having a little bit of a holiday too, not doing so much even though it’s not my half term!

So what is new:


this is some of the food I’ve eaten, most of it looks familiar as I am a creature of habit and tend to eat the same things!  First picture is of the famous flute but with spicy lean salami, very thin slices of parmesan cheese and spicy mustard, the second and fourth picture is of my breakfast plain yoghurt, apple, banana, raisin and nuts, in between a old favourite of mine a brown roll with sunflower seeds and raisins with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and apple on it, the next picture of my very addictive Pad Thai with Tofu and Chicken… it’s so good and made @ the place where they say there are no additives etc in the food and they make it fresh in front of you!  The last picture is of a Caesar Salad and Shrimps with parmesan.

A trip to Ikea is a must for the holidays and as always we went for one thing and came back with 5 things, all useful of course but


And this was on the way to Ikea, sorry about the dirty windscreen!  One could actually see the Alps in the distance but they didn’t come out on the photos (sorry!):


During one of the walks through town, I wanted to catch the blue sky and managed to catch a bird flying in the picture too:

Another impression of one of my days was this advert in the new shop around the corner from where we live, which is a very posh Baby/Kids Clothes and Accessories shop (Schlichting) and this was the advert:

It’s an advert for Strollers and Accessories… but the woman who is holding a Maxi Cosy which is for very small babies LOOKS FANTASTIC!  Of course not everyone looks a bit worse for wear after giving birth but you certainly


…rant over now!

Again some impressions of my walks with the sky (one of the things I tend to photograph!):


And today my daughter and I went to our weekly lunch date with my mother to Brenners which is a great restaurant and very popular (hard to get a table if you haven’t booked, which we, of course had) it’s got very high ceilings and 2 open grills and therefore lots of wood stacked about, you can just about see some stacked against the window in the first picture, then 2 displays of food and one of one of the grills:


My walk this evening along the Isar just before sunset:

Then I made a lasagna for dinner, mainly to keep for a few days and because I just felt like it!  Ingredients a bit strange:

courgette, carrot, onions, garlic, small cut up bits of chicken and beef, spices, mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and tomato sauce and hollandaise sauce (I told you it was strange), here the pan with the bit I ate for dinner cut out and then on my plate:


When hubby got back in the evening so I was able to go for a walk and I went for a walk and to the Packstation  to pick up the book I had ordered (The British Pub Cookbook)

and I took Daisy and along the way we came across these displays (of art!):

this is a bit of something flying about in a passageway shopping lane!

And here by the Fünf Höfe shopping mall (for want of a better word!) the lights change colour but I couldn’t be bothered to wait to take a photo of all the colours so here just a change of 3 colours (pink to green to yellow bits):


After walk back @ home and writing this before going to bed to read my book!  Holidays over tomorrow so might actually get my Losing it in Munich back on track… i.e. lose some weight again!  TTFN!


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