Boring times…!


Been busy again…. work and my daughter’s stuff and also if I’m not posting means it’s not going well or am eating too much and so too embarrassed to post and in the case of the last few days it’s been the case of busy and eating too much and doing NO SPORTS WHATSOEVER… well, just walking Daisy..!

just a few images of the walks in the last few day… the snow has been melting as there have been PLUS temperatures… it’s like autumn, after so long with minus temperatures!  One of my dog walk friend we meet on the dog walk in the morning who is actually Scottish, but she has been in Munich for 30 years, said she had been talking to the people who tend to the English Garden and they say that Winter is over on Monday, Sunday will be the last snowy/cold day!  Apparently they ‘watch’ the weather and have to plan ahead with their planting and clearing and pruning etc etc, so


Well we’ll see next week if the winter is over… I would be quite happy as am sick of the snow… well I have been sick of the snow since day one of it actually!

Friday I went out for lunch with my mother and ate this… interesting picture as plate was of glass so you can hardly see the food and a lot of the table… the food was a grated fried potato (not sure what it’s called in English, Google translate says potato pancake!) with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce and salad:

the brown and white spots around the sides of the plate are balsamic vinegar and cream…!  Was very nice to eat and looked lovely but in photo looks strange that one can see the table underneath.. mind you, it’s a nice table a light brown marble  table!

Today’s lunch was Chicken Wok Vegetables without the rice with my mother and daughter in our ‘usual’ Saturday lunch time haunt:

So really nothing to report except I am thinking of renaming my blog:

the 4-day diet…!

as this is how long I seem to manage to stick to a change in my food plan before it goes wrong again…!

Who knows




am I going to get back on track again?  Now, I am going to check out the stuff I am selling on Ebay after having cleared out my daughter’s toy cupboard last week and so far we have sold most of it and the stuff I haven’t sold I will try to sell @ the flea market on the 16th March and then I am going to finish my book (see Book I am reading!)!  Sorry nothing more positive to report, TTFN!


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