‘Twas a good day…!


Today was a good day, although I obviously mean regarding food and/or dieting!

Walk in morning was a bit snowy:


the first picture just showing Daisy in LOTS of snow, the second picture the geese on a part of their river which is frozen and 3rd picture of a snow storm, which we ended up in later on the walk, it came and went though, so obviously wouldn’t have walked there if we had known it was coming but it surprised us when we were out in the open!  And of course fighting against the wind and trudging through the snow made the walk longer – 1 hour 10 mins instead of the 1 hour and I was nearly late for work, especially as still had to make my breakfast:

plain yoghurt, soya flakes, raisins, mixed nuts and half a banana and a little honey.

Then work where I was kept quite busy!  Then work @ home meaning I ate lunch late:

Lemon chicken and cucumber (cooked!) and rice noodles from around the corner!  Then Daisy and I went out for a shortened (45 mins) Isar river walk:

Back home I had an orange before setting off to pick up my daughter for piano lessons.  I went to the wholefood supermarket and bought some tinned (ready cooked) beans of different kinds for some soups and when we got home I made myself soup – carrot, onion, parsnip, swede, broccoli, leek and a bit of cheddar – the soup looks quite strange and actually a bit yucky, especially the colour but it tasted fine and I had the rest of the lettuce and a bit of parmesan slivers and yoghurt dressing as a side dish:

I still have enough soup left over so will have tomorrow too!  Forgot to say I had half a banana whilst preparing the soup and forgot photo (!).

Hubby not home again in the evening so couldn’t go for another walk but never mind!

A good day all in all, let’s just see how it goes eh!  TTFN!


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