Another BOOOOORING post…!


Sorry but again no real update about what I am eating and it was still



some images of my walk…

Daisy looking unhappy about being in the snow (yet) again!

The orange snow plough – the front has a tiny plough and the back throws tiny grit around

4th picture you can see how icy it is next to the Isar

5th picture lovely sky!



I am doing @ the moment

food wise

is going really well, this much I can say!

Apart from going for my walks I had to take my daughter to the dentist today because she showed me where a bit of her tooth had broken off and it turns out she can’t remember when it happened so I got in a panic and then the dentist only had an appointment today or in 3 weeks, so we just went spontaneously… which my daughter WAS NOT happy ABOUT, as you can imagine!

Turns out a bit of her tooth really has broken off but luckily it’s still a milk tooth molar and not a second tooth!  But she needs it done and she made a big fuss all the way home and then when I told her she was going to miss school she didn’t mind…!  But it’s dreadfully hard for a mother to go through… her little baby in pain!

Sorry it’s such a boring post, but all will be revealed sooooon! TTFN!


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