Again, not a proper post!


I am still not ready for the big confession yet, so just my day WITHOUT THE FOOD PART!

Walk in morning for 1 hour very cold, Daisy has been getting snow stuck in her paws on our hour long walk so today, not being able to find any vaseline, I put Nivea on her paws and it worked for a while but as time went on it was not so good as Nivea also has a high content of water and so they were freezing again!  But I did buy some vaseline during the morning and smeared her paws for the lunchtime walk!

These are some COLD pictures:


the last picture is of the pool where I usually wash my boots but it’s more or less frozen closed now and I wouldn’t wash my boots in THAT COLD POOL NOW ANYWAY!

@ work today, quite busy but OK!  Before lunch I delivered my daughter’s snow trousers to the Hort and did a little shopping, in the cold, cold. cold.

Then after lunch on to the walk along the Isar with Daisy and vasline-d feet!


here in the second picture you can see most of the Isar has a top layer of ice… it’s not solid but a good layer!

After Hort, picked up my daughter for piano lessons and afterwards we went into town for a costume for Fasching and ended up buying a hippy outfit which is what my daughter wanted!

Here you can see the setting sun in the cold, cold, cold Munich Center:

Apart from maybe a few nice pictures I’m afraid that it for today…!  Sorry! TTFN!


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