A new post… NOT!


I’ve started something new which I am not ready to share with you yet…!  Sorry!  I promise to let you know and write a catch up when I’m ready!

What else is going on…!  I am not on the bike @ the moment because…:

it’s soooo cold and there is a good snow covering!

here my hair has frozen during my walk in the morning, see the ends by my hat!

here images of snow and ice on my walks

here when I went for walk in town and came across a fountain VERY FROZEN!

here you can see pavement and road OR RATHER you can how

much snow

is covering the road, making it quite hard to ride a bike, therefore I am not riding my bike!  And walking it quite tricky too, but am doing that!

So as you can see it’s not really a post, because all I’ve shown is how the snow is making my life a bit difficult and

COLD…. brr brr brr

@ the moment!

There are reports on the new in the UK that Munich is -25°C which is not true… it is cold and has been -10°C/-12°C and during the night going down to -15°C… so no, not -25°C just yet!  Mind you it is very cold and my hair freezes every day on the walk in the mornings!

But apparently it is going to go on for another 6 weeks… this is because a ‘special’ beavers shadow in America showed up on a ‘special’ damn which means it will snow for another 6 weeks… however this report was shown in Bosnia, not in the rest of Europe…!


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