Running my idea by you…!


If you read this regularly you know that nothing is going on as far as any weight loss is concerned on my part!  It’s just not happening!  Finding it very hard, like most ‘fat’ people, however I managed it in 2010 so why not again?   But it ain’t happening!  As I am not doing sports @ the moment due to not feeling very so well with my dragon scale tongue and it being soooooo cooooold and therefore not so easy to bike because of the snow, I am contemplating doing a very strict diet for 15 days, mainly to give me a bit of a push and some success on the scales…!

My ex dog walking friend is doing it @ the moment, it’s called the Orange diet!  I know, I know not really a good idea from the point of view of the Jo-Jo effect, but I am not doing anything @ the moment and would therefore not get weak from not eating (as am not doing sport) and

I really need a downward arch on my weight chart…!

Basically  you don’t really EAT!  Every morning you eat 1 Orange, 1 rusk and a cup of tea/coffee (which I don’t drink!) and then you eat an orange, a boiled egg and a portion of sour cream for lunch and alternatively lunch and dinner you eat salad, turkey meat and/or cheese… obviously this is just a very broad outline but that’s basically it!  But I am not sure if I am going to do it!

Pretty drastic

when you consider that eating food has same effect… i.e. you can lose weight eating food too!

Let’s see!

Today I just

SLOBBED about @ home doing nothing MOST of the day, all morning and most of the afternoon I just watched crap on tv whilst half heartedly doing some work and putting more stuff on Ebay but basically just slobbed around!

However before I started slobbing around I went for a one hour walk in the freeeeezing cold of



here the snow and cold… I know you can’t see it but it is grey and cold!

Slobbing about as I did, I didn’t take photos of food and ate crap anyway, although not too muchof the crap just crap in general!  Sorry folks!

In the evening my daughter and I did MORE STUDYING for her test tomorrow, I think she will do ok, if not it’s just a question of not reading the question or not understanding it, because she knows all about Munich in the old days and the old parts of Munich and the Isar and how Munich got established!

Then more Ebay and now writing this before I am dying to get back to my very good book I am reading by Nicci French (see Book I am reading @ top of Blog!).  TTFN!


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  1. You can lose weight by eating but you need to count calories: calories in have to be less than you burn during the day. I tried this formula and it works. It took me some time to write down every meal I had and search for calories. Once you know the basic, it is getting easier. I lost weight on plant-based diet: many vegetables, fruits. Good luck.

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