Another quick post as am busy, busy, sorry!


Another day where I don’t know where the hours have gone!  Walk in the morning




a lovely sun rise and a bit of an icy slope and views of the sun coming up through the trees of the English Garden!

I’m afraid I cannot remember what I had for breakfast – it wasn’t anything bad but it wasn’t a berry bar either!

I had a lunch date with my daughter’s best friend’s mother (!?) and we went to the Indian and I had chicken tikka with pilau rice:

After lunch I went on the bike into town to buy a book and it was COLD on the bike!

Then a walk along the Isar with Daisy but a shortened walk – just the 2 bridges which took 35 mins, it used to take 45 mins but I think it is not taking as long because we are walking quicker as it’s so cold or no idea why, but there you go!

In the afternoon I worked @ home and picked my daughter up early to learn more about the Isar and Old Munich for her test on Friday, it’s her weakest subject and although she is soooo young to be doing tests and having to worry about grades, it’s just the way the German system is!  So that is why we have been doing extra studying yesterday and today and then tomorrow is last day of learning and then the test on Friday!

I had a snack in the afternoon but forgot to take a photo, I had 2 honey waffle biscuits (that’s probably why forgot the picture as it was something ‘sinful’!).  They are made with brown flour and honey and they are from a ‘healthy’ company but I didn’t actually read the packet, they are probably MEGA BAD!

For dinner later after our studying I had a fried egg and 2 small pieces of brown bread with butter and baked beans, a typical English thing, or maybe it’s just a typical thing in our family, I am not sure.

unfortunately the egg yolk fell off the egg onto the plate and couldn’t be enjoyed as much as it could have been, but never mind, the baked beans were nice!

I actually should mention at some point that I am not all that well @ the moment, my cold is sort of sticking to me, although I am not coughing so much, but now something else has

‘attacked’ me

My tongue started feeling like a sore throat!  This means when I swallow my whole mouth hurts (not my throat) and my tongue.  I had had a doctor’s appointment a few day ago but she couldn’t find anything and in fact it wasn’t hurting so much when I was there, but as soon as I got home I had another look at my tongue and at the sides it looks like dragon scales and it hurt like hell!  I suffered for several days and tried a few things which didn’t work, the doctor had said there is nothing I can put on it!

Then last night I found some English Bonjela which one actually uses for babies when they are teething or for ulcers and I rubbed it into my tongue (although it’s use by date had passed about 6 months ago!) and it was such a RELIEF, I could sleep and then today when I put it on it really helped!  So maybe in a few days it will feel better!

It also means I’ve not been feeling up to much sport and it’s also been sooooo cold so haven’t been biking so much, so not much happening on the weight loss front, but in the state I am in with my painful tongue I am not that bothered really!  TTFN!


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