Quick post on a Tuesday…!


Sorry although most of day has not been busy the EVENING sure was (learning with my daughter and putting toy stuff on Ebay!) and so I can only do a SHORT POST!  Sorry!

An hour walk in the morning in the English Garden where it was really, really cold, -4°C and it’s going to get colder by the end of the week -7°C / -9°C…!  That’s a brrrrr cold


For breakfast I had a brown, sunflower seed roll with butter and on one side salami and 2 slices of boiled egg and 2 slices of tomato and on the other side cheese, 2 slices of boiled egg and 2 slices of tomato:

My mother is still ill so I helped her today @ work, although I normally don’t go to work on Tuesdays!  Then I drove her to an appointment and whilst she was there I did the recycling and then picked her up with her shopping, then I did her washing as her washing machine is broken too!  Poor Mama!

I got my lunch on the hop @ a place I’ve only been to once so wasn’t sure about it, but my friend goes there from time to time and was able to recommend me something, all of which they didn’t have but I got a glass noodle and vegetable dish which was good, although I am not sure how fresh it was as was in the display… I assume they make it fresh all day!, here’s a bad picture of it:

After lunch managed to find the time to take Daisy for a walk but I only went for half an Isar walk, which meant only for 40 mins!


the second picture makes the day look pretty gray and it was but it’s wasn’t as dark as this picture, the sun was just behind the clouds!

I picked up my daughter early as we had to learn for a test on Thursday and also for a book talk she has to do tomorrow, it will be her first time talking in front of her class on her own for a long time – it’s supposed to be for 15 mins but we timed it and it only goes for 9 1/2 mins, but she said that’s ok (somone only did 8 mins!)!  So we learnt for the book talk  for quite a while and also for the test (it’s about Munich!).  Whilst doing that I was also washing for my mother, well actually I was drying the bed clothes in the dryer as I had done some washing too and had no more room to dry anything!

I am afraid I can’t remember what I had for dinner and I certainly didn’t take a photo of it and with all the information about the Isar and the book talk I am really trying to remember but can’t, sorry!  That’s all for today, sorry (again!), TTFN!


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