Busy and relaxing..!


Sorry, yet again I am catching up on a post as was too busy @ the weekend to post, plus I also did some relaxing (how decadent of me eh..!).

So Friday night my dinner was a Falafel sandwich with Pita bread and salad and yoghurt  but I didn’t eat all of it and it’s not such a good photo as hard to take a photo of it!

The movies were good, The Artist I enjoyed because of the ways in which the actors were able to portray their feelings and what was going on with their eyes and facial expressions, but I have no idea why it was so many Oscar nominations!  Then the sneak was an action filled film – entertaining but that’s it, won’t be buying the dvd for sure!  Contraband with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsdale http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1524137/ only ‘good’ thing about it is that saw it way before it’s release in Germany, doesn’t open until 15th March… so I am hip in that I will be able to say “I saw that ages ago…” when it comes out!

Back home pretty late and it had snowed so bike seat cold… and then just as I set off a SNOW STORM started and I had to bike through it hardly seeing a thing and getting home looking like a Yeti (full of snow!).

Saturday I got up late and only went for a little walk around the block, no breakfast and then we had lunch with my mother @ a nice restaurant around the corner and I ate a breakfast plate:

of course it was far too much… I didn’t eat all of the chives and yogurt dip, but did eat the scrambled egg with spinach, the avocado and 1/2 of the smoked salmon and 1/2 of the parma ham and all of the salad, the slice of orange, grapefruit, strawberry and kiwi (my daughter ate the melon!).  This is the square outside the restaurant:

On way home saw this poster which has been ripped off the ad pillar and as you can there have been LOADS of posters put on top of the old poster, I counted about 15…!:


When my daughter arranged for a friend to come round to play, I agreed and watched tv and did a bit of work and in the evening we ate pasta and salad (no photo – forgot!).

In the evening my daughter and I just chilled and watched a dvd – Diary of a wimpy kid 2!  Very funny!

Sunday morning it had snowed again:

and I went for a walk for about an hour with my dog walk friend!

Then when I got back we went to the cinema with my daughter and her friend to see “Fünf Freunde” – Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, a German production which was quite fun!

Whilst my daughter and friend played in the afternoon after the cinema, I sorted some of my daughters toys out and got them ready for putting them on Ebay… however they were silly little things like Polly Pocket which is a tiny doll who has clothes out of plastic but soft plastic!  Also shoes and they are soooo tiny, very hard to put pairs of shoes together!  This took ages and ages and ages…!  The sorting I mean… I haven’t even photographed them yet!

Can’t remember what we had for dinner…!  Sorry!

That was my catch up when I was too busy to write the blog and also too busy relaxing to write the blog!

Monday (today) – walk in morning with Daisy for an hour:


Here the snow man someone has built which looks really good (I thought!) and Daisy was quite interested!  The snowman had buttons for eyes and on his ‘jacket’ and hair and a carrot nose!

I have decided to take a break from my berry bars and shakes as was very hard last week!  So breakfast was a yoghurt and half an apple, soya flakes, raisins and a tiny bit of honey:


here on the left before I prepared it and on the right all mixed up!

@ work was busy although on my own as my boss (my mum!) was ill @ home!

After work I went to the Thai which is up a slight hill (so you have to burn calories to get there!) and they cook the food there and then – fresh (which means you have to wait but it is worth the wait!), today I had a glass noodle salad with chicken:

it was very good!

Then Daisy and I went for a walk in the cold… did I mention it was cold… well it is going to get colder, on Thursday and Friday it is apparently going to be  -7°C/-9°C…!  The walk along the Isar took just over an hour:

When I got back I had an appointment which didn’t take long and when I got back I had a little snack whilst working a bit:

half a brown bread roll with sunflower seeds and raisins with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and half an apple!  Yummy!

Then I picked my daughter up and prepared dinner, I had a papaya salad with chilli, tomatoes and peanuts (which I had bought @ the Thai for this purpose!) with 1 1/2 small pieces of bread, butter, marmite and cheddar cheese (I know, I know not bread again!):

the salad was very good!  Hubby got back late but not too late to go for a walk with Daisy through the freezing town centre for half an hour!

It was nice to chew today and I haven’t been good in that I had bread twice but I also don’t feel I have been ‘bad’,  FOR ME, the best indication will be the scales tomorrow, so TTFN!


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