Missing post – Thursday and Friday catch up…!


Sorry about yesterday but I was just too tired last night after working on our business – papers, papers, papers and BUREAUCRACY…!

So yesterday Thursday was a lovely day although cold, started with, as usual with the walk in the morning:


here you can see we still have snow and the second picture shows Daisy next to a straw bail which is put against the tree as protection for the sledgers opposite… so if the bang into the tree, nothing happens to the tree… just kidding, nothing happens to the kids!

After the walk in the morning, dashed off to the doctor to give them some blood… not as a donation (sorry!) but for a blood check up which you are allowed to do every 2 years (well that’s when the medical insurance will pay for it!), so left them some blood and managed not to faint (which I am prone to doing if I watch them doing it all, so I just look away and bingo… no fainting!).

Then I ate my berry bar outside the surgery as was starving by then, but had to go on an empty stomach:

in the background my bike!

My doctors surgery is around the corner from the Viktualien Markt:


blue skies and not many people (which was nice!).

After the appointment I went on the tread mill for an hour and swimming for an hour!  After this I went home for a shake for lunch:


a tropical and cookies and cream mixed shake with half joghurt and half fat free milk and an apple, in the 1st picture the apple in a bowl and in the 2nd picture the apple in the shake!

Then off for a walk with Daisy for an hour and 10 mins:


this time I went around the Isar the other way!

When I got back it was down to work again!  And a snack of a sunflower and raisins bread roll with nothing on it:

After all that exercise I was a bit peckish later again and I made the mistake of buying something sweet @ the market…!:

white chocolate covered Lebkuchen (well they were on offer as xmas is over, so hard to resist) I had planned on only eating half of one, here on the right side is the part of the half I had already started…


I ate the other half too…!?!?!

naughty, naughty but looking through my food diary I am seeing a pattern that I am getting really hungry late afternoon, and after all that sport and only 2 shakes it’s

no wonder

it’s just not enough and I am not strong enough to keep it up!

However I was strong enough to keep up eating only a shake in the evening:

a tropical fruit with banana with half fat free milk and half fat free yoghurt!

No chance for a walk in the evening as hubby not @ home and anyway I was busy again with work and so busy that @ 10:30 pm, I decided it was time for bed and went to bed to read a little bit!

Now for today (Friday), walk in morning really, really cold -3°C when I set off and during day only rose to 1°C:

still a bit of snow around which is annoying as the snow that is still laying it frozen solid with the cold!

@ work I ate my berry bar, as starving I  didn’t even cut up with bar as usual!

After work I had more work to do @ home so wasn’t able to go and do tread mill and swimming!  Also decided I couldn’t take another shake for lunch, I needed something between my


i.e. something to chew other than apple or banana in the shake:

so I had lamb’s lettuce salad with peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers and a piece of leek and goat cheese quiche, was very nice!

I wasn’t able to go for a proper walk in the afternoon as had


and also weather horrible, cold and wet!  So just a quick walk around the block and then back to work!  Then I picked up my daughter and back @ home got down to some more work, preparing papers for an important business meeting, my daughter went out to play with a friend in the cold, although seemed a bit milder then!

Plan tonight is to go to see The Artist @ 8:30 if hubby manages to get home in time and then of course my Sneak later!  I am finishing for today and will post my film impression as well as what I had for dinner, SORRY!  So TTFN!


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  1. I amazed at the sheer amount of exercise and activity you pack into a day! I finally reached over 2 miles in my walking and I feel like Super woman! I don’t know how you do it!

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