Sporty, sporty again…!


Scales looked good today, lost some, but no update on weight loss chart yet as not back to what I was before xmas!

So off for walk in morning in good spirits and saw this funny sky:


I suspect the long shape clouds are smoke from somewhere, not sure, but looked nice!

but was also foggy.  After 1 hour walk, I had my berry bar @ work

I was allowed to leave work a bit early so was able to get both an hour on the tread mill and an hour swimming in too!  Aren’t I sporty again!

Then I had lunch @ home, a shake with cookies and cream and tropical fruit flavour with half an apple:

Daisy and I then went for a walk, it was a lovely day:


here just pictures of the snow (which I haven’t mentioned but is here, as you can see!) and the last picture is of a helicopter in the sky in the middle of the picture if you look carefully (or double click on the picture it makes it bigger!).

Rushed home from 1 hour 12 mins walk to get a snack before piano lesson:

half a piece of brown bread, butter and some ham, not the most healthy but just fancied it and I the other idea behind it was to use up the ham so I wouldn’t snack on it!

In town whilst my daughter was in piano lesson I ate the above which I had packed up to take with me.

When we got home I had a shake – chocolate and cookies and cream flavour with a banana (in half yoghurt and half milk):

As hubby was home I was able to go for another walk for 30 mins with Daisy along the Maximiliianstrasse and then into the Hofgarten, along the way I saw the crazy window of Moncler again:

What is that… skiing trousers and jacket but with swim flippers…!  What on earth kind of fashion it that!  Straaaaange…!

When I got back I got down to writing this and now I am going to read my book, which is getting really good!  TTFN!


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  1. You ARE sporty- sporty today! We had clouds like that bout 3 months ago – I took a picture, too! How funny! It sounds like you had a lovely day and congratulations on the weight loss!

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