Sporty, sporty…!


Yes that’s me…


First I went for an hour’s walk in the English Garden with Daisy and my dog walk friend:


where it had snowed again over night but was already very, very mushy/muddy snow!

For  breakfast I had my berry bar:

Then… here comes the


First I went on the tread mill for 45 mins, I had planned on 1 hour but chickened out after 45 mins!  I did a bit of interval training upping the elevation up to 2,5% and upping the km/hour from between 4,5 km/hour to 5,2 for most of the way and up to 5,8 for 10 mins, THEN

yes more SPORTS!

I went swimming for 1 hour!  Yes…… I am good aren’t I?!?!

When I got home I had a shake again, this time apple and cinnamon and half an apple, yesterday and some other time I said it was Caramelised apple and cinnamon, but it is

Candied Apple and cinnamon

much better than caramel (I hope!):

it was with half yoghurt and milk!

Then Daisy and I went for a walk along the Isar for 1 hour 15 mins:


I got back and was feeling a bit peckish and so had half a piece of brown bread, butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and half an apple:

and then still a bit hungry I had a satsuma:

Shopping on the bike in the snow after this, but not for long so don’t count it as exercise!

Dinner was a shake with yoghurt, milk, apple/cinnamon and tropical fruit flavour and a banana:

Unfortunately I ate some bread, butter and cheese and salami whilst I was preparing my daughter’s dinner which wasn’t


however not totally


either but not very happy about it!  Hubby came home later so had planned on going for a walk but by the time he came home and I went out it was really snowing so I didn’t fancy a long walk…!  I’ve decided whilst reading this through that my snacking wasn’t good as far as sticking to shakes is concerned


it wasn’t that bad and probably because I really was HUNGRY because of the amount of sports I did!  So now hubby is back I can do my walking in the evening again (as long as it’s not snowing so much!) and it’ll all be fine again, so ALL IN ALL A GOOD DAY!  TTFN


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