Relatively good day…!


Well today has gone fine food wise but as WE ALL KNOW it might not last…!  But keeping


it IS going well!

I decided enough was enough today and that I was going to have a few days JUST DRINKING HERBALIFE SHAKES!  And that is what I have done today!

But first walk in the English Garden in a little rain with my dog walk friend:


then @ work I had my usual berry bar:

After work I took Daisy home and went for a 1 hour swim!  Wehey… swimming, can’t remember when I last went swimming!

When I got back I had a shake made out of 250 ml fat-free milk and a mix of 2 shakes – Tropical fruit and the caramalised apple and cinnamon (no photo as so boring, but there is a photo of the shake I had for dinner which was the same but with bananas!).

Then when I got back Daisy and I went for a walk for just over an hour along the Isar which was really full from the snow and quick thaw:


After the dog walk I went into town on the bike to shop and on way I got a call from the Hort saying my daughter wasn’t feeling well and could I pick her up, which I said I would do, so shopping trip cut short!

However, after dropping my daughter @ home I carried on with the shopping trip and was back in no time!  When I got back I had a little snack of a small piece of brown bread, butter and honey:

Then dinner was the shake as before but with half milk and half yoghurt and a banana:

I ate it with a spoon to make it last a bit longer!

As hubby still away no half an hour dog walk in the evening, so just a quick walk around the block for 10 mins before settling down for the evening with my daughter and later my book!?!   TTFN!


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