Weather not helping…


As in my previous post no sports, but today it’s not laziness and being ill but the WEATHER:


as you can see it’s snowed quite a lot, walk was nice though as had stopped snowing by the time I went for a walk and it really cleaned my boots (added bonus!) – the English Garden was for an hour in the morning.

Then home and feeding my daughter and I had a brown roll with raisins and sunflower seeds with nothing on it for breakfast and then my mother picked up my daughter for a hair appointment and I went shopping.  Then we met for lunch and I had a salmon and spinach quiche and salad with sour cream and herbs:

but I hardly ate any of the sour cream, just a few spoonfuls!

Rest of the day I did a bit of work for hubby and my daughter had a friend round to play and then I watched tv and later went out for walk with Daisy for half an hour!

Can’t remember what I ate for dinner, it was a mish mash of snacky things i.e. NOT GOOD!

I really have to get a plan together and really start sorting myself out, try to prepare stuff more myself instead of eating out, although I do try to go to healthy places where I see them preparing it etc, but it would be better a different way.  What worked for me last year was my Herbalife stuff – eating it in the evening in shake form, not just in the morning and I’ve also being having chats and reading stuff and been advised (!) that I have to sort my sport out too!  Biking is good but I have to do it in a more ‘trained’ way and have to try some cardio type sport again (maybe back to the thread mill, stepper, weights etc, it worked last year!)




So on to new pasture as of tomorrow (how many times have I said this in the last 4 months…!)… TTFN!

P.S. The film I missed last night was Black Gold with Antonia Banderas which was voted as not good, so don’t think I missed much, tomorrow going to see The Muppets in English with my daughter (great…!)!


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