A Question of sport…!


No, not the tv sport programme… (the Brits know what I am talking about!)  but it really is a question of sport and I haven’t done any for


And one wonders, or rather I wonder why I am not losing any weight or just going up, then down, then up, then down again etc etc…!

This is a thought that has just occurred to me last night that I am not really doing any sport as I am so busy working @ the moment!

~ I am not swimming

because I have had a cold since just before xmas and it is only just now going, am still coughing a bit but snotty (!) nose and sore throat has gone

~ I am on my bike but only for really for errands and not as a sport

So it is


that there is nothing happening on the Losing weight in Munich front…. TTFN!

My post for today will follow later!


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