A quick post before the weekend!


As has been the case the last week I have been extremely busy again today!  Hubby left Munich to go and see his parents for a few days last night, arriving early morning after a sleep along the way and I had to take over lots of his jobs today!  Including a daughter who misses her Tata although he has only just gone and is coming back very soon!

It was raining again today, although I am not sure if I mentioned it yesterday and I got quite wet on the dog walk in the English Garden with my dog walk friend!

Breakfast @ work was my berry bar:

and after one work, I had to sort a load of things out for the other job (I have one job and am Managing Director of the company hubby and I have together, so I have 2 jobs… plus being a mother, master/mistress/goddess of my dog etc etc, lots of you reading know what I am talking about!) which meant driving for 40 mins to a place I didn’t know to pick something up and wait for someone to bring me something else (i.e. meeting each other half way!), then back home again where I got a great parking space (a rare thing in our part of Munich!) only to suddenly remember that I had forgotten something and had to leave my lovely parking space to go and do that quickly!




I don’t mind hectic, I am just not so good @ it anymore!  Many, many years ago I worked in a big advertising agency in London, it was really hectic there and I often worked weeks on end 9am until 9pm… I didn’t mind it and actually enjoyed my work but now I am not used to it!  I have to train myself up to the hectic-ness of before…!  Not that I really want to – you can just cope with it better if you are up to it!  Mind you, I am not 20 anymore, as I was then – well I left London @ 28…!  But I should stop moaning and get on with it.  This is the view from my car along the motorway (I liked the sky not the motorway…!):


On the way home I bought a Cream Cheese and Salmon on whole wheat brown Bagel and ate it @ home but forgot to photograph it in the hectic-ness…  But I did manage to go for a dog walk in the snow with Daisy but only for about 25 mins (and I was doing a job along the way, post office and accountants to drop stuff off!), it was snowing but am not sure if you can see the snow flakes in this photo:

Then I picked up my daughter and we went to the cinema to give back my Sneak ticket as couldn’t go tonight as hubby not babysitting and I have no other babysitter!

Dinner was something unmentionable for someone on a diet and losing weight blog, so NO COMMENT!

My daughter and I chilled in the evening watching a TV show called “The Voice of Germany” which is a singing talent show with some good Jury members, no real walk as my daughter didn’t want to come out as is horrible weather, not so cold really but wet and snowy, I did take a photo out of the window of the snow but it has come out very, very dark:

if you double click on it, you might be able to see it better, sorry!  So not such a good day as am not coping very well with the-being-so-busy-business…. but let’s see how I get on!  TTFN!

P.S.  It better be a crap Sneak I am missing, i.e. something I am not so keen on seeing, like J. Edgar about the first FBI Director with Leonardo di Caprio or the book I am reading @ the moment (I haven’t finished it so would hate to see the ending in the film before I have finished the book, and I wouldn’t really be missing it as a) am reading the book @ the moment and b) can always see it when it really comes out)!


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