Hard work in more ways than one…!


Losing weight is such hard work…!  As I have for a few months now, I am just going up and down, this means I lose 800g then the next day put on 500g, then lose 600g, then put on 700g and so it goes on and on and

on and

on and

on and….!?

you get the picture, well if you read the blog you have been getting the picture for a while now!  However, I am not finding a way @ the moment!

But today went like this, there was no walk in the morning except a short one through the Hofgarten for about 30 mins:


the tree in the first picture used to be huge and big but they have trimmed it (however the ivy looks nice!), then the second picture shows a WHOLE load of Munich on the far left the Herkules Concert Hall, then in the middle the 2 towers of the Frauenkirche in the background, then the bigger building in the middle is in the middle of the Hofgarten – a sort of chapel, where musicians often play, but it’s closed off in winter with chains and then on the right the Theatiner Church (which is huge, not as big as an English Cathedral but still pretty big…!)….!

Breakfast was a berry bar as usual:

@ home I did some work and then I went to my other work and did some work there… hence the name of the post:




My mother invited me to lunch after the work @ her work:


the freshly cooked bread – white and brown of which I just had one piece and then the main course two small minced meat meatballs with lots of herbs and white cabbage salad in a tomato sauce, both of which were very good!

Then Daisy and I went along the Isar for a walk for just over an hour:


if you look at the left hand picture closely, in between the trees in the middle of the picture you can see a small waterfall, I have posted it before but you can see it better when there are no leaves on the trees!  And on the right hand side it looks REALLY, REALLY dark although it was only because the sun was behind the clouds in the middle of the picture!

I wanted to chillax when I got home which worked ok for about 15 mins and then had to meet a driver to sort some papers with him and then hubby came home and we ended up working and writing invoices and bureaucratic crap like that, like I say it’s just




Hubby picked up our daughter and she bought her best friend home to play which was good as we were busy with work AGAIN!  So busy that in the end we didn’t eat until really late @ 8 pm and it was:

Chicken Tikka and rice!

Then I went around the block with Daisy but only for about 20 mins and tried to relax… this means reading…!  TTFN


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