Parent association meeting and other catastrophes…!


Ok, not really, just kidding…!  No real catastrophe but a boring evening which went on and then I had no energy to write up the post about what I had for dinner etc:

A salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, 1/2 a portion of the prawn cocktail and a piece of bread, butter, marmite and cheddar cheese.

Then I had to go to the Parent Association Evening as representative of the class, however the Chairwoman had forgotten to get the key to the class room where we usually have the meeting and we had to go to a Restaurant around the corner, and a) I had no money so couldn’t buy a drink and b) we discussed stuff which doesn’t concern our class anymore i.e. things that involve all the other classes just not our class anymore as we are the last class in school and are leaving end of July!  So a bit of a waste of 2 hours… but in the end I said I had to go as we were not going to get around to talking about things relevant to our class!  But it also meant no long dog walk as was late when I got home and I was tired!  Poor Daisy!

Then today the day started with the dog walk:


the sun through the trees in the English Garden and here if you look carefully at the end of the branches in the river you will see that water on the branches have turned into icicles, looks lovely!

@ work my berry bar:

After work I had a lunch date with my daughter’s best friends Mum and she took me to a lovely Mexican around the corner which I didn’t know where the food was very good and very fresh I had this:


here the food and an image from inside the restaurant!

Then back home and off for a walk along the Isar with Daisy, it’s was a lovely day, sunny and not too cold:


here you can see the  blue skies and sun!

I had planned on a bike ride when I got home but unfortunately started to do some work and it took nearly 2 hours and then it was too late to manage a bike ride before my daughter’s piano lesson! @ piano lesson I bought myself a hot cross raisin bun:

When we got home after piano lesson I had a lentil and carrot soup, salad and a piece of bread:

the soup was very good and very tasty!  Then it was time for last dog walk of the day, via the accountants and then through the city centre and the Hofgarten, as usual:


here is the Residenz Theatre and if you double-click on the pictures you will see it says (I’ve translated here!)

Wonders will    occur here and the picture on the right then lights up a little later and it says Wonders will not occur here!  All in very red letters!  As I had gone to the accounts before the walk it took a bit longer, 45 mins instead of 30 mins so got some more exercise in there!  Now for some chilling with my book, see my Book I am reading @ the top of the blog!  TTFN!


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