Day 4…!


I made a BIG fuss about nothing yesterday, got on the scales today and had lost weight so all ok, looking back I actually did a quite a bit of exercise so that’s what saved me with the ‘extra’ snacks I had


today went absolutely fine again!

Walk in morning in absolutely lovely weather:


and the sun gave off some lovely colours/light on the buildings!

Breakfast as usual, berry bar:

Then I had to do some bureaucratic nonsense but went there on the bike, which took 25 mins there and 25 mins back!  Then I had a dentist appointment as I had toothache @ xmas and although it had gone again, I thought it best to check it up!  Which was good as it turns out I don’t need a filing or crowns, but my periodontal pockets need to be cleaned again (I’ve had this done before) and apparently it’s quite common, it’s only ME that doesn’t know ANYONE else who has to have it done!  Plus it’s quite painful!  What is means is that the gums go back or too far down and the sensitive part of the tooth is exposed!


On the way back some more photos of the lovely day, here the Munich University!

Then into town to spend money (unfortunately on nothing exciting!), then a quick visit to the accountants and then I decided to try the Thai again but to eat something I know, not like yesterday when I was a little disappointed and as an added bonus went there on the bike and as I’ve already mentioned before although it is not so far, only about 10 mins, it’s up a pretty steep hill!  Once there I ate:

Pad Thai and chicken which was very, very tasty (as always!)!

Then walk with Daisy along the Isar for just over an hour:


sun, sun, sun!

I then had to pick up the visa from the Russian embassy that I brought them yesterday and this time I took 2 pictures of the hill I have to cycle up, it is NOT STEEP but it just goes on quite a way and it’s fine I can stay in a high gear (well ok, only 5!, but still!):


well the pictures DO NOT DO THE HILL justice but I think it’s quite a ride up!

When I got back home had 2 small pieces of brown bread, butter and honey:

On the very quick walk to pick up my daughter from Hort, saw some more lovely lighting:


and a load of crows in the right hand picture!

For dinner I had a new thing from the French place around the corner from my house, a Quiche with courgette and goat cheese with a salad: tomatoes, cucumber, little sweet peppers, carrot and goats cheese (chopped into TINY bits):


here the tiny peppers (with my potato peeler as a guide to how small the sweet peppers are!).

Hubby out again so no more walks, but as was on the bike quite a lot today think it will be ok again!  We’ll see tomorrow!  TTFN!


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