Day 3 of my new life…!


Well I must say it’s not going well, I just can’t



I did do some


My daughter back in school today… her ‘illness’ is psychological nerves (I think!), whatever, she was ok again today!  I got off to the English Garden for an hour’s walk:


where there were lovely VIEWS and SIGHTS!

Breakfast @ work a berry bar, no photo as it’s the usual one I usually eat!

During work I had to go to get a Visa done @ the Russian Embassy and went on my bike up a steep hill, but doesn’t count as sport for me as only takes about 10 mins each way:

and on the way a lovely photo of the Friedensengel!

After work I went to the Thai for lunch up the steep hill, but the dish I chose wasn’t that exciting (like it usually is @ this Thai restaurant, I left most of rice!):


After the Thai, I went for a bike ride for 50 mins along the Isar to the Zoo:


and as soon as I got back Daisy and I went for a walk in the other direction of the Isar for just over an hour:


Here are 2 trees that are desperate to get into the Isar over the RAILS and the last picture shows Daisy trying to get down from the rocks where she had gone to sniff @ something she thought was food but there was NOTHING!

Then it was time for piano lesson with my daughter and in town I ate half a Hot Cross Bun (raisin bun) and threw half in the bin straight away so I wouldn’t be tempted!

as it was dark in town, bad picture!

After piano back home where I ate a Goat Cheese, grape and walnut salad, I forgot photo but I have had it before and tried to find an archive photo but there are so many couldn’t find it!

Hubby was home early but had to leave again just before I wanted to go out for a walk with Daisy, so NO walk, never mind!

It all sounds quite good, not that much food and lots of sport


what I didn’t photograph was a bread bun with ham I had as a snack and some chocolate and a cola zero, which is also not so bad but not good for someone LOSING IT or SUPPOSED TO BE LOSING IT in Munich!  TTFN


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  1. I dunno, it sounds like you were really active and did okay with your eating…I’d give yourself a break. …and the day sounds like it was terrific!

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