Day 2 of my new life…!


The second day of my new life was thrown a bit out of sync today as my daughter was @ home ILL!  She had stomach ache..!  So this meant I was stuck @ home and wasn’t really able to do any sport either!  The only real thing I did was go for a walk in the morning as my daughter was still sort of dozing for just under an hour:


where it was very dark and grey!

And got my wellies pretty muddy so cleaned them in a pool by the Eisbach river:


Back @ home I had a berry bar:

(bad… dark… photo… bit like outside!).

We had to hang around @ home being ill but went out @ lunch time to go to the school to pick up my daughter’s homework!  And on the way back I picked up Chicken Tikka and Pilau Rice up from the Indian:

it was DELICIOUS… they leave the Tikka in the sauce for ages and this makes it soooo tasty!

The afternoon was BORING trying to entertain my daughter, who was bored stiff too!  We did got out for 30 mins walk in the Hofgarten in the late afternoon!

Dinner was Cheese on toast on pieces of a small, very nice brown loaf:


However I had a bit of a mishap when I got the cheese on toast out of the oven as a load of HOT, HOT AIR came blowing out of the oven into my eyes and in shock I dropped the baking sheet with the cheese on toast on it and although it didn’t land on the floor it did fall off and I had to scrape it back on (that’s why the cheese on the toast in the photo is a bit scruffy!).  Hubby out again so no dog walk in the evening, so actually virtually NO EXERCISE TODAY!  TTFN!


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    • Luckily they weren’t injured but it was a real whooosh of really HOT AIR and I did have to close my eyes for a minute before I could open then, but luckily all ok, just a shock really! I had had the oven on 220°C for my daughter dinner and then turned it over to the grill for my cheese on toast and so I think all the hot air from the oven was just waiting to come out @ me…!

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