Right… this is IT!


This is IT!  Tomorrow my DIET starts again and my SPORT starts again and the fight to lose the kilos starts – 10 kilos (of the 25 kilos I want to lose this year!) by 15th March 2012 STARTS….  That’s my NEW goal!

I forgot what I had for breakfast again!  But that ENDS tomorrow when I start my diet again and EVERYTHING will be DOCUMENTED PROPERLY!   For lunch we were invited back to hubby’s aunt for the day after christmas (Boxing day in the UK!) and we ate the left overs, this is the photo from yesterday:

When we got back we chillaxed again for rest of the afternoon, until about 5pm THEN I said “THAT’S IT WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK” to my daughter and although she WAS TOTALLY AGAINST it and moaned nearly all the way, she managed to keep going for 30 mins!

I made my daughter’s dinner and then hubby came home and as you can never be sure how long he will be here I went out again with Daisy – there had been a break for nearly 2 hours in between, it wasn’t straight after what I wrote above!  When I got back I made something for me:

Cheddar cheese on toast with butter and beetroot!  Tasted nice!  Now I am going to write myself some MOTIVATIONAL notes and make a PLAN…!  So TTFN!


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