Books I got for Christmas


For those Bibliophiles amongst us, these are the books I got for christmas:

This is the book on which the new Marilyn Film is based and I AM A REAL MARILYN FAN!  So really looking forward to reading book and seeing the film!

I’ve been looking for a book like this for ages and with some help from my step-aunt, my step-mother was able to find this and although I have only dipped into it so far and not read it cover to cover it LOOKS REALLY GOOD and just the thing for me with all LOTS of INFO about biking with the idea to losing weight!  GREAT!

Am a big Linda Fairstein fan so got the 2 newest paperbacks for xmas!

The red book is one of the books I bought with my xmas amazon vouchers, a new series in crime thrillers: A matter of blood by Sarah Pinborough, no idea if it’s any good, was recommended to me by amazon and the second book on the left looks good too: A fraction of the whole a novel by Steve Toltz (shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize).

I also bought this book with my xmas amazon voucher Just my Type it’s all about fonts which is something I am interested in, having done a CSE in Typing, part of my Diploma in European Languages had a typing element and just general curiousty about fonts!

This is my Secret Santa book about London – Londoners by Craig Taylor, let’s hope it is as good as it looks!


Now I just have to read them all!


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