Routines…! Or rather lack of them!


Am finding it hard to get back into a routine… due to:

School holidays

Christmas Holidays

(Plain laziness….!?!)

These are all EXCUSES but they are also the reason why it’s not happening @ the moment.  My daughter is @ home all the time and I am doing stuff with her and also sorting her food out and therefore forget to photograph my food.  

Hubby @ work so no help there.  Actually what am I talking about, he’s usually @ work but not today he wasn’t as it is bank holiday in Munich today (Holy 3 Kings Bank holiday) but he may as well have been @ work today as he got up late @ 11 and went straight out and it’s now 9pm and he’s not back!  But it is his Orthodox Christmas today and tomorrow so it’s acceptable TODAY!

I did go for a walk in the morning for about an hour but that was it!  Did try to animate my daughter to go out but she was in a pyjama mood all day and stayed in pyjama’s ALL DAY!  We played several games and watched a LOT of crap TV!  Not good!

On a small walk around the block – not worth a mention as only takes 10 mins – I saw a new display in the local opticians which I didn’t understand:

They are 2 figures in silver with HUGE bums and thighs and very, very slim upper bodies!  I mean what is that supposed to be… who would want to look like that…. unless I am missing something and they are by some artist or a style that I don’t know!

The evening meal was the same as yesterday but with a twist… living dangerously you see…. (no just kidding!), a goat cheese flute with honey and truffles and APPLE (that was the twist!):


The photographs of the other food were

a) forgotten and

b) the food isn’t so exciting or HEALTHY

very snacky and a bit too much and a bit more snacking that I should, so another reason no photos as am embarrassed! 

Not much going on @ all other than hanging around @ home with my daughter and not walking or doing any sports…!  But sneak tonight and if rain stays off I am going on the bike although it is rather cold!  So TTFN!


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  1. It sounds like you had a bit of an off day! I suspect the statues were simply fluid lines – they were lovely – but not meant to be realistic. They do flow…

    As for your dinner – I’m loving that goat cheese! Apples and goat cheese is even better!

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