Recycling the xmas tree…!


Although we still have Orthodox Christmas to come in a few days (from my husband’s side of the family and  my mother’s side of the family!) I thought hubby would want me to keep the xmas tree until that was over on the 8th… but luckily he said we can chuck it… but of course he was @ work all day so it was left to me and my daughter… or yes, you’ve guessed it, it was left to me!  The problem was that it was already pretty dried up and dropping needles all over the place and it was quite big!

I decided to drag it through the sitting room to the balcony and drop it out off the balcony and then drag or carry it to the collection point at the church around the corner.  Dropping needles all the way out to the balcony and squeezing it through little bits of furniture and through the balcony door and past the HUGE satellite dish, I managed to get it off the balcony.  But then it was a bit difficult to get it around the corner as the Hurricane-like wind that we have @ the moment was against me 3/4 of the way… then I got around the corner and the wind was behind me and so the tree flew up and holding on to it with my hand and I was able to get it to the pile quite easily then:


it’s the one in the middle.. (no, just kidding I don’t know which one it is now!).

Breakfast is long ago lost in the realms of forgetful memory… I keep forgetting to take a photo and therefore forget what I have eaten!  But lunch was Ravioli with bits of ham and peas and a green salad but I only ate half the portion shown here:

Then I went into town and took Daisy and we ended up going for a walk around town and then along the Isar for just over an hour which was nice:


although very, very windy!

here some blown over plants from the restaurant around the corner!

Then I just chillaxed with my daughter and DID no work… don’t tell my husband… Well actually he came home with someone who was helping him write some invoices so I did have to work then!

I then went to do some more recycling and took Daisy with me and decided to take a bit of a longer walk taking just over 40 mins!

Dinner was a Goat cheese flute with honey and truffles (an old favourite of mine!):

as always tasted good!  That’s it really, walk in evening just to end of road as hubby not home and I am off to bed to read now… TTFN!


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  1. This year, we had a very small tree, so it was easy to take care of. Your walk looked lovely, but – wow! It WAS windy! Don’t forget your breakfast picture! :o)

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