Just another school holiday day…!


I am beginning to miss my sport, now that I am back in my normal surroundings (as opposed to holiday!) BUT school holidays and child entertainment are on @ the moment!  I am managing the dog walking, although the dog has been a bit lazy lately!

One nice picture was on the square around the corner from my place:

notice the sun is only on the tower in the middle!

I cannot for the life of me remember what I had for breakfast!  But lunch was a Bread Salad:

which was a salad with big bits of what the British know as Croutons and olives and tomatoes and cucumber, was quite nice!

In the evening I had a Walnut brown bread roll and here I am trying to flesh out the post tonight and anyway you usually always see the end result of my bread, butter, marmite, cheese and apple bread roll so here is it is dissected:


first picture shows one half with butter, marmite and cheese on and the other half with just half a side with butter.  The second picture: one half with the cheese and apple already on and only the butter, marmite and cheese on the other half and lastly both slices with butter, marmite, cheese and apple slices… not very well dissected but still!

And here is the Marmite jar for those who don’t know it, it’s a Yeast Extract and not everyone likes it, it has a very special taste!

That’s it I am afraid, not sure what the plan is tomorrow, I might have to go for a longer bike ride, but will see!  So sorry it’s such a short and BORING post, TTFN!


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