Xmas holiday in England 2011…!


It’s been a busy christmas and I’ve been ILL… doesn’t help!  Had a terrible cough, my nose was blocked and my sinuses were also blocked!

After our turkey dinner @ home, we went to the UK on Boxing day and this is my xmas holiday 2011, but I must add straight away I DID NO SPORT WHATSOEVER…!  Had planned on doing some walks but didn’t feel like it in the end and just CHILLAXED!

When we arrived we were greeted by the dog with Reindeer ears (no just kidding, he only wore it for a short time:

here the view from near our house!

Christmas dinner (vegetarian) was peas, red cabbage, roast potatoes, roast walnuts, roast parsnip and nut roast, all very, very tasty and delicious!

Then we had a day out at a stately home – Bowes Museum here the front and the view out of the restaurant window:


All the windows have bars on them looking out of the restaurant not just our window!

I had a mozzarella and tomato and salad Panini at the Museum restaurant!

Here a stately room!

The highlight of the museum is a Silver Swan which does something special – this Silver Swan moves around and picks up a fish and eats it from the pond in front of it, it was made in the late 1800’s and the ‘show’ only takes 34 seconds, but they played it twice as it was christmas!


here a special wooden panel, here some christmas decorations on one of the windows sills, and also the ‘FIRST’ bras, very nice ones indeed and very lacy!

here a Penny Farthing, although the seat is missing!

Later after going through the museum we went for afternoon tea!  Here is the teacake with butter I had!


Here the view from the outside, the garden, the front of the stately home and the gates out!

My dinner that night, cheese on toast, with tomatoes and onion, tomatoes on the side and beetroot!

The next day we went to the ‘city’ (Carlisle) shopping and on the way back dropped in to see my brother and on the way we saw a rainbow:

Then we went to the local pub (a typical English pub!):


here a picture of the outside, a few pictures of the inside including the bar and the fire-place!

Here a view of the Front Street of the Village where my family live!

Dinner that night was a fried egg on toast and butter and some fried mushrooms!

Breakfast next day (and most days whilst I was there!) was plain, natural yogurt and pear!


Here the top field full of trees in our yard and our chickens!

the playing field of the village (next to the recycling!)

The next day we went ‘over the mountain’ to a castle for lunch and to meet with other members of the family!  On the way over the ‘top’ there was a bit of snow!

Here the Castle Gate to get into the Castle!

@ the cafe I had a Humus and Haloumi bread roll and salad:

We walked around the castle a bit, but we actually know it quite well and actually only went to the cafe for lunch


Then we went on to a Puppet Show at a ‘special’ cafe and theatre:


where they have some lovely crafts and outside they have some nice views:


Here the christmas decorations in the theatre and the Puppet Dolls (displayed as they are not in the show!):


The show was Circus Splendid which I didn’t watch as had seen it before.

The evening meal was my favourite family meal, a jacket potato with butter and cheddar cheese and carrot, cashew and currant salad and also some red cabbage:

Next day (as I’ve already mentioned) breakfast natural yoghurt, a bit of honey and pear:

then off to the airport and on the way the views:


This time the holiday was a bit short only really 5 days all in all and we managed to fit quite a lot in the time we had!

Another dinner was leftovers from christmas and I cannot remember which night it was but wanted to post a picture of it:

Roast potatoes, roast parsnip, peas, nut roast, roast walnuts.

But as you can see I did no walking, no bike rides and no swimming and as it’s still school holiday I won’t be able to do any now @ the beginning of the year as my daughter doesn’t go back to school for another week!  Hopefully tonight I will post normally every night, but can’t promise anything but TTFN!


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