The first January Post…!


Well the year always starts with really good intentions with EVERYBODY, as they all make New Year’s Revsolutions, and I like making them too!  Unfortunately I make them but then I cannot start them straight away as there are school holidays and so everything starts a little later as ‘life’ doesn’t again until school starts.  So more of that when my daughter is back @ school.  So the first few days of January, of MY January starts here:

New Year’s Eve I had toothache (hopefully caused by my sinuses being bunged up (see previous post!) and so I was in bed when the fireworks went off but my daughter and hubby went out and my daughter took these photos for me:


she didn’t manage to catch that many but still here you are!

And here the rubbish on the street and on the grass from the fireworks:


My daughter and I got up late and went to work for a short time to sort the office emails etc but not long and then we went to buy some new suitcases which we found and which were a real bargain, but no picture of them!

@ the restaurant next to the shop I had a salad with fried Giant Prawns:


Which was really good and I even left some as was too much!

Then home and chillaxing and working @ home a bit!

In the afternoon I went to see a film The Ides of March, the film I had had to leave a few weeks ago – the sneak I had to leave as hubby had to work a really late shift in the night @ the last sneak, it was very good!

Then home again and spent the evening with my daughter and hubby just relaxing @ home.

Tuesday hubby took our daughter on a trip sledging or @ least looking for some snow to do some sledging, but they found some and stayed there so after I went to work for a bit my mother invited me to lunch, where I ate something which was called Wok Vegetables and Chicken!  Which was a little spicy and tasted really good:

as my family were still out I decided to go to the cinema again, this time to the new version of Jane Eyre:

I think you have to choose Jane Eyre on the link above to read about it (if you want to!), unfortunately it was really long and ended quite late and I nearly got into trouble with hubby as they were actually  nearly back in Munich as I was going to the cinema and wanted me @ home… but worked out in the end and for dinner I had a take away Falafel and salad Pita Bread roll, but forgot to photograph it – sorry!  Boring post today as not much going on and NO SPORT again, so TTFN!

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  1. I have the darndest time with resolutions! This is the first year that I’ve made any in a decade! …and they’re more goals than resolutions! I hope your tooth feels better!

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