@ last a sign of life…!


Sorry folks I’ve been busy and I have a pretty bad cold….!  So not had much energy to do a post and now I can’t upload photos but didn’t want to leave you readers with nothing!

Since about xmas eve I have had a really bad cold, sore throat, runny nose and bad cough, so struggled through christmas dinner, sorry FORGOT the PHOTO (how silly of me!) but we had turkey and stuffing (in balls), roast potatoes, roast parsnip with saffron, peas and carrots, trifle and chocolate log… and those drinking wine drank white wine, kids drank ice tea and I drank diet coke and after my one glass I allow myself (only!) I drank water!

Then on boxing day @ the crack of dawn we came to England and I cannot upload photos on my iTouch or the Mac that is there so that is why there are no photos here today!  The weather is very mild and a little rainy, although today it was a little more rainy (!) and VERY WINDY!

I am afraid the rest of my news, the photos I remembered to take of the food and the ‘adventures’ we had will be posted after SATURDAY, which is when we get back to a proper computer with photos!  I could have taken my lapdogtop (oops!) but as we’ve had bad experiences with luggage going missing for a few days I didn’t want to put it into the luggage in the hold and didn’t want to carry it in my hand luggage.  I did actually think I could post on the pc here but, like I said, I am having problems with uploading the photos so this is it for the moment…!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to ALL, hope you had a good one, we did, LOTS OF LOVELY PRESENTS and good food!

On food – she says @ last!

It’s been going ok, I am eating normally, as per usual a little more than necessary but am trying to stick to one plate only and although the plate might be a little more than normal, I am also trying to leave the bread and butter side dish (normal English food fare!) so all in all I am feeling ok about it, I am sure I have put on a bit of weight but not LOADS!

Thanks for reading and SORRY the post is so sparse and NO photos or food lists!  TTFN!


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