Blogging bank holiday…!


Don’t know what else to call it… that I have been missing from the blog for a few days… since Thursday to be exact! Just haven’t had time and then my daughter had a medical emergency on Saturday so my mind was on that rest of weekend but will try and catch up!

The weather not been too good so although have had my morning walk for an hour (except @ the weekend!) in the English Garden, biking and other long walks have not really happened!

But here a few impressions from the day I’ve been missing, then I will follow on with today!:

Beautiful walks with strange skies and the tiny Thai restaurant with their new decorations on the walls and the food – Papaya Salad and a rice noodle dish with Thai Basil, a crow in a tree!

On Saturday late afternoon, my daughter decided to be a bit silly and try and climb a wall in our flat using something to stand on that was not very stable and she FELL OFF! And bumped her HEAD pretty badly on the wall, resulting in us taking her to an emergency clinic and having to have stitches! What a day that was!

Now back to reality and back to today:


the walk in the morning with crazy looking skies which were lovely in the morning but by 2pm had turned into RAIN!


my berry bar


Warm Glass noodle salad with big onions, Thai basil, chicken, chili and peanuts… tasted very nice!

As the weather was still ok, I decided to go on a bike ride  from the Thai to the Zoo down a really steeeeeep hill, as it started raining during the bike ride I was a bit worried in the rain that I would skid down the steep hill, but luckily didn’t. Then along the Isar @ the Zoo and home:

the Isar is really still quite low, despite the rain today!

@ home Daisy wasn’t @ all that keen on going out in the rain, so we had a very short walk around the house block, which takes just over 10 mins! But then something had come to the Packstation so I went to pick it up in the rain on the bike, getting pretty wet- a book for my daughter for xmas (because I am sooo organised.. not, actually this year I haven’t got it together too well but will get it sorted out soon!). I picked up my daughter from Hort early in case she was a bit tired after her ordeal @ the weekend and a school day, she was glad to come home early and was fine!

Dinner wasn’t very healthy and although not all that much it is not really for someone trying to lose weight, brown noodles with ketchup and cheddar cheese:

After dinner waited for hubby to come home so I could go for a walk with Daisy… but he didn’t come or by the time he came I didn’t feel like it as it was soooo cold, wet and LATE!

Again no weight update this week as although haven’t necessarily put on weight (or not much!), I haven’t really lost any either! Sorry folks! I suspect there won’t be much losing weight in the run up to xmas and then of course xmas food, but of course any ‘positive’ loss will be reported upon! Having said that, this is TYPICAL for an overweight person STRUGGLING to lose weight that it goes up and down ALL the time, the only difference for me @ the moment is that I am fighting to stay more or less the same weight and not put ON TOO MUCH!


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