Busy again…and no real sports today… OOPS!


After the walk, this time my dog walking friend was there so nice chatting going on!  Then work with usual berry bar for breakfast:

after work I has this for lunch:

a Goat Cheese flute, with half an apple and cous cous salad!

After lunch a one hour walk with Daisy:


Left picture the bare, bare trees and the Isar on the right, note the pretty sky on right hand picture!

I then had to rescue one of our drivers as his battery was dead and he had no money on him to order a taxi to jump-start him and he didn’t have any jump leads to ask someone else to help him and hubby couldn’t be reached so I had to go!  I wasn’t actually sure it would work as I a) have a very old car and b) have a pretty old battery!  Luckily for me it did work and so didn’t waste tooooo much time!

Then I had to go to the Infternal Revenue to pick up some more tax numbers and I was soooo happy as there was only one person there and I was the next… and I was really happy… until I got in there only to find out the computers weren’t working so couldn’t get what I needed!  What a waste of time!

I didn’t have time for any sports or bike rides with the 2 stupid things I had to do…!

Then it was piano lesson time and I bought some dinnerin town which was a Thai Soup (which I forgot to photograph!) which was delicious.

After dinner etc, and an argument with hubby (he was very tired and very argumentative)!  Daisy and I went for a walk for half an hour!  That’s all I’m afraid, too busy really to write about much else or do much else!  TTFN!


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  1. You have been busy! I hate when you go someplace and the computers are down…I understand it happens, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating!

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