Sorry… been mega busy…!


Sorry no posts for SOOOOO long, just didn’t have time!  First on Friday still to add is the Sneak which was The Help which I thought was very nice but really nothing special (plus I have the book on my shelf and it hasn’t been read yet and it certainly won’t be read now!):

whereas London Boulevard:

was pretty good, well most of the film was a bit soppy and a bit silly but the end was brilliant (although sad!) and it was nice to see London again!  My daughter had a sleep over at her school friends place (around the corner and for the friend’s birthday – the one whose birthday is one day before my daughters and so she is 2 years older than my daughter for one day!) and of course she didn’t manage to stay the night and hubby had to pick her up @ 11 pm!

Then on Saturday I had planned to go to the cinema again to see a film although my daughter was @ home she allowed me to go (!):

which was very silly but a strange idea and Justine Timberlake is a crap actor but a bit of a hottie (well I think so!).  I had to go then on Saturday because I would have missed the film it was the last showing!

After I got back from the cinema we went into town to meet my mum for lunch @ Brenners (which looks fantastic, its next to the old court stables and is architecturally really well done!):


and I had a Caesar Salad with Parmesan and croutons.

Then into town to get the rest of the party things for my daughter’s birthday party @ home!

This happened the next day and as my mother and father and brother and sister in-law turned up in the evening had to entertain them too!  We went to the Medieval Xmas Market where I ate a something which was bread dough rolled around a piece of meat (either turkey or beef), was too dark to get a picture of the actual food but here is the stall where they made them:

My daughter’s party was a success (although I cannot post any photos of the party as there are other people involved and I don’t have their permission!).  Then in the evening we went to a restaurant to eat the pig that my in-laws had driven here from Bosnia but I do not want to post pictures of the pig’s head or any other parts of it I’m afraid!

Next day (Monday) my daughter was ill so she stayed @ home (I think the 2 parties were just a bit too much for her and caused stomach ache and head ache!).  But was busy looking after her and eating non-healthy things so nothing to report there!

So that was the catch up and today:

my walk today in the English Garden was alone with Daisy as my dog walk friend wasn’t there today!

I wasn’t @ work today so was able to go swimming after I had done about an hour’s work @ home!  The swim was an hour and a bit boring!

I had Sushi for lunch (the all you can eat version!) and I had about another 4 or 5 plates as well as the ones in the photo!:

After lunch off with Daisy along the Isar for just over an hour:

When we got back I did some more work and the went off along the Isar in the other direction to the Zoo and then back along the Isar into the English Garden and home again on the bike taking just under an hour:

Before I picked up my daughter I had a lemon protein bar and an apple:


When I got home and made dinner for my daughter I had a brown muesli roll with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and beetroot with apple, a boiled egg, a piece of exotic salami and a piece of ham:

it looks quite a lot on the plate but all in all was not that much and tasted good!

Then Daisy and I went out but it was a bit of a fight as it had started snowing and Daisy was not @ all keen to go out:

here the snow flakes on the sleeve of my anorak!  We came across the Dolce and Cabanna xmas display in their window:

not really sure what it is supposed to be, I think some kind of oriental xmas market…!  Who knows!

For those of you waiting for my weight update today… I DID NOT update as am not ready!  Because I have eaten lots of different cake and bits of pig with lots of potatoes, cheese, cabbage etc etc… SORRY!  TTFN


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  1. It’s amazing how busy this time of year is, isn’t it? The pastry wrapped around beef or turkey sounds delicious! it sounds like we’re both movie fans! Have a GREAT day!

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