More birthdays…!


Today my daughter has a birthday party with sleep over – her friend had her birthday on Tuesday and then on Sunday my daughter has her ‘friends over’ birthday party!

But my day started off as usual with the dog walk in English Garden:


the sun was actually already up but looks like it’s just coming up!

Then work and breakfast @ work:

my Herbalife berry bar!

After work I went for a 1 hour swim but today the time took ages and it was SOOOOO BORING!  But I kept @ it and then ate a huge lunch, Pad Thai Noodles with Prawns and Tofu:

and lovely tiny bits of peanut on top with lemon… DELICIOUS!

Then an hour’s walk with Daisy:


beautiful day with LOADS of sun!

Then I picked up my daughter and she got ready for her sleep over including lots of shouting @ me about what to take and to hurry up etc etc… lovely NOT!  But she managed to get off and all ok, wonder if she will stick it out this time… usually we have to pick her up at 10 or 11 pm as she doesn’t want to sleep over after all!  We’ll see!

Then as Daisy and I were ‘free’ went for a bit of a longer walk than we are used to in the afternoon and we went to the Hofgarten via the bottle bank and plastic recycling (exciting eh..!):


here the sunny Hofgarten and on the right you can see the half moon in the top of the picture just a bit to the left of the middle!  Then I went shopping into town to get some more candles that don’t blow out… as I’ve lost the ones I bought a few days ago and I promised my daughter I’d find them… but I can’t find them so bought new ones… luckily they only cost € 1,45.

Hubby was meeting a friend for dinner and he bought his girlfriend so we are all going together for dinner @ the Italian around the corner, I will have to post what I had tomorrow as straight after I am going to the cinema to see London Boulevard with Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley:

and then I am off to the Sneak!  More tomorrow, TTFN!


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