My baby’s birthday…


My little baby is 9 year old today… it just seems like yesterday that she was born…!  This meant had another mega busy day as picked her up from school @ 1pm so she could have a nice day!

But before that I had my English Garden dog walk with my dog walking friend and her dog who is ABSOLUTELY FIXATED on chasing his tennis ball and all around is of no interest WHATSOEVER.


here ducks and swans thinking I have some bread snack for them!

No berry bar today, had the raisin and sunflower seed roll but no butter or anything and I had already eaten some of it by time took the photo:

Then I worked @ home for a few hours (far too long if you ask me…! – it was actually, had to rush to go swimming) and then I went swimming for an hour and just managed to get back in time to pick up my daughter from school.

My mother picked us up @ the school and we went to choose my daughter’s birthday cake for her party on Sunday and ate lunch @ the cafe:

Flammkuchen (french tarte base) with goats cheese with figs and a salad (not in pic!) and it was very good!

My daughter chose a round pink shell-like cake for her birthday party with her friends on Sunday, if I remember photo will follow!

Then we went home and I attempted to unblock the bathroom sink… without success however as couldn’t turn the thing round to open it!  Had to ask a neighbour round to do it and he found some real YUCK in there no wonder it was blocked BUT IT WAS LOVELY after he unblocked it and it only took him about 3 mins!

My daughter and I then decorated the cake I made yesterday with icing and red jam in the middle and smarties and hundreds and thousands!

Unfortunately the rest of the day wasn’t so good food-wise, snacking all the time and although I didn’t eat dinner, I had made a not very good Lentil stew which just didn’t taste right I have no idea why but in end more salt and my friend and hubby ate it saying it was ok, so hope they weren’t lying and it was, I had half a roll, butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and apple and then 2 pieces of CAKE!:

I had made a (not very successful!) a chocolate victoria sponge cake with butter cream icing and smarties and candles – I had lost the special candles that don’t go out so had to use sparklers instead to make it ‘special’!

Then as very short walk, just around the block and then home to CLEARING UP!  That’s it for today, TTFN!


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