Mega busy…!


I am afraid my post today will be VERY SHORT!  I have been mega busy today as was preparing for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and also work etc so didn’t have much time for anything and the post today will be just in point form!

Walk lovely in morning as very mild day!  No photo!

Then work and was allowed to leave early which meant I managed to go swimming (which I hadn’t planned but could do now!) for an hour!  Lunch was:

a goat cheese flute with honey and truffels and a cous cous salad!  Walk along Isar with Daisy short – only 45 mins:

again noticing how low the Isar still is has still not rained!

Then I went shopping for the birthday cake I plan to make later!  Then picked my daughter up early as we had to go shopping for birthday party treats as presents for the girls coming to her party on Sunday!  Then her piano lesson, then home to a carrot and ginger soup (forgot photo again) with 2 small pieces of bread and butter and for a desert (!):

Then I went for out on my bike to the far away packstation which took 45 mins, then hubby had to go out so no walk in the evening with Daisy and my daughter and I made a cake which included lots of licking the spoon and bowl whilst making it!  Ooops!  And that’s all I’m afraid and tomorrow going to be busy too as my daughter’s birthday (have I mentioned that already then…!) so TTFN!

P.S. Spell check not working again on WordPress so please excuse any spelling mistakes!


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