Funny weather…!


I am afraid I am stuck for a title today and the title is not explained until nearly the end of the post… so keep reading!

Walk in morning very nice but pretty cold!:


saw some fish in the Eisbach here but you can’t see them in the photo, the middle picture a woman training her horse and the sun over the Eisbach!

No work today so after clearing up a bit and doing some work I went swimming for an hour

here a better picture of the wooden hut in front of the Hotel for hot punch!

And then to do some shopping and lunch @ the Viktualien Markt:

the ‘Mixed Plate’ falafel and doner meat with lots of sauces and it’s delicious!

After lunch back to Daisy and a walk along the Isar for an hour:


where you can see how low the Isar still is as it still hasn’t rained!

After the walk had to meet some people to do with work (well 2 people came round one to bring me something and one to collect something!).  Then I went for a bike ride for an hour and 14 mins but it was a bit silly!  As I set off the weather was nice:

note the sun at the top of the trees!

Then as I biked along the Isar it got colder and colder and foggier and foggier:


but then on the way back it was ok again… that’s the funny weather of my title:


here it’s even a bit sunny!

When I got home Daisy and I went straight out to pick up my daughter and when we got back I had a small brown roll (mixed brown grains), both halves with butter, one half with honey from Bosnia and the other half with marmite and cheddar cheese (here you can see the honey half was tried by my daughter but she didn’t want it!):

Tonight we were invited to the Italian round the corner for my neighbour’s birthday (my daughter’s old babysitter from when she was a baby and I worked part-time two mornings a week!) and I ate this:

bad picture but its salmon carpaccio with asparagus and a bit of salad and it was very good although a not really enough so I ended up eating nearly 3 small pieces of brown bread.  My daughter ate spaghetti and butter and was ready to leave after eating… so when I had eaten we left and hubby stayed behind!  Daisy only got a quick walk when we got home (ahhh poor Daisy!), TTFN!

P.S.  Not updating my weight until I have lost a bit more than a kilo (2 lbs) as I have put on during my birthday excess but it certainly won’t take as long as last time though, in fact probably update on Thursday already which means I’ve lost the kilo and some more!


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