Birthday weekend excess…!


Too much of the above I found when I got on the scales today… so wonder what they will say tomorrow when its Tuesday and update time on the weight loss stats!

Ok, ok, let’s forget about that for the moment.  My day started as usual with the English Garden walk for an hour:


images of the English Garden this morning!

Then work and berry bar for breakfast:

After work I got a goat cheese flute and a chick pea and avocado salad:

and the last little piece of the birthday cake!

After lunch I went for an hour’s swim:

where there is a little Ski Alpine corner with wooden hut for snacks and drinks in the hotel driveway!

After this out with Daisy for an hour:


When we got back I had a lemon protein bar snack:

Then a bike ride – my bike ride was a bit strange though, I did part of one of my bike tours and added part of another one, this meant in the direction of Aumeister but turning off at the waterworks, just before Aumeister and then past my house and onto the Zoo tour but turned back before the ‘Zoo’ bridge and this took just over an hour:


the tour is along the Isar nearly all the way!  When I got back I had 2 snacks:


a very tasty RED apple and half a brown muesli  roll with sunflower seeds and raisins!

Picked up my daughter with Daisy and as hubby back went into town to get a salad for us both (the grown ups!):

I ate the one with goat cheese, grapes, walnuts and soya bean sprouts and the other half of the brown muesli roll and half a piece of normal brown bread with butter!  Was very tasty!

Last act of the day was with Daisy for the Maximillianstrasse and Hofgarten tour taking 30 mins!  Did enough exercise today to counteract the being ‘naughty’ @ the weekend using the excuse of my birthday (!) but will have to see on the scales tomorrow!  TTFN


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