Actual birthday 27.11.2011…!


Woke up early… all excited… no not really, just woke up early.  So my daughter and I got up and went for a quick walk with Daisy and on way back bought croissants for breakfast (I know, not good but it is my birthday!).  Then I opened my presents – a Jamie Oliver’s new cook book about British Food from my bro and sis-in law, a book and cinema voucher from hubby and daughter, a book, new diary 2012, so all very nice!

Then I went to the cinema to see Breaking Dawn (part 1) which as vampire and werewolf films go with a simple but effective plot, was entertainment and enjoyable.  Then met hubby and daughter for lunch but had to wait for them and took these photos @ the xmas market and from in the centre of town:


the Egyptian collection (or Greek collection – am never sure!), a huge xmas decoration, a water tower or old city wall tower (again not sure) and the Alter Peter (a high up tower in a church which you can climb up and see all over the centre and environs (!).  Here you can see a lovely day and it was cold but not as cold as it has been the last few days.

Lunch @ … surprise, surprise the steak place (!) where I had the usual, salad bar salad:

but this time my steak with a jacket potato and sour cream:

but left a lot of the potato, just eating the skin and a bit of potato.

@ home I went out with Daisy and then some friends came round to eat a piece of cake with us and bring me a present  – a lovely scarf and a book voucher (yipee!).  When they had gone we chilled and for dinner we got a pizza but only 1 which hubby and I shared… forgot to take a photo, it was a normal pizza with spicy sausage and pepperoni on it (Diabola!).

Last thing of the night before adjourning to bed to read was another 30 mins walk with Daisy!  Where we saw lots of decorative stuff:


first picture, very subtle decoration in Moncler, then crazy silver Reindeer in Emiglio Z and @ a jewellers Buchener 11 christmas trees and that’s just one side of the building… I mean what’s the point!  Just too much… mind you it is the posh street (Maximillianstrasse!).

All in all a nice day and lovely presents and chilled time which is good as in the run up to my daughter’s birthday in a few days it will be a bit chaotic as I have 4 in-laws coming on Thursday and my daughter’s party @ home  (what was I thinking agreeing to that…!) on the Sunday, but TTFN!


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